A Broken Family, Reunited Through Prayer!

When Kalai was 16 years old, he fell in love with Preety. The two of them married soon after, and Kalai enjoyed Preety so much that they were rarely apart. He was committed to her and worked hard to ensure he never disappointed her.

And that’s why Preety was shocked when this changed years later, a short time after the couple welcomed their first child. Kalai had always been so responsible—and then his friends pressured him into drinking alcohol. He became addicted.

Kalai began to squander his income from the tailoring business he ran, spending the money on alcohol. Preety cautioned him many times, and finally she couldn’t take it anymore. One day while Kalai was drunk, Preety yelled at him—and in response, Kalai abused his beloved wife.

The pain Preety experienced was far more than just physical. She couldn’t believe Kalai would do this, so she left with their one-year-old daughter to stay with her parents.

Full of regret in the days that followed, Kalai begged his wife to return, but he was unsuccessful. So, he turned to his gods. After all, he had made many pilgrimages along the Ganges River and he bathed in it regularly, certain this would please his deities and make him holy.

Kalai met with sorcerers who took lots of money from him in exchange for performing magic spells that they claimed would bring Preety back. But it was no use; when Kalai visited his wife again, he left in tears.

Then, one day while Kalai sat alone in a park, Church Planter Hamsa walked by and stopped to speak with him. As their conversation unfolded, Hamsa shared the Gospel, and Kalai explained his troubles. Full of compassion, Hamsa prayed for him in Jesus’ name, right there in the park. Kalai was overwhelmed with joy, and he had a feeling things were about to change.

And he was right.

The next morning, Preety called, willing to give him another chance. The couple was reunited!

Thrilled, Kalai shared the news with Hamsa, who then invited the couple to a prayer group. Kalai and Preety attended, and the more they heard the Gospel and others’ testimonies, the more they were convinced. The couple committed their lives to Christ! Kalai has since quit drinking alcohol.

“I really thank Jesus for changing my husband’s life and reuniting me with my husband,” Preety shares. “I praise Him with my whole heart, and He is the Lord and Saviour of all.”

Kalai has one request for you: To pray for him. For his spiritual growth, his family, and the growth of his tailoring business so he can financially support the Church more. Thank you in advance for joining him in prayer!