A Hurting Wife, Deeply Loved by God

As a child, Alfiya was adopted by one of her uncles due to her own father’s negligence toward the family. She went on to be forced to work as a child, rather than attend school. And after growing up and marrying a man named Ramu, her adulthood was set to be even more difficult than her childhood had been.

Ramu was an alcoholic and regularly cheated on her. And when he was drunk, he would try to choke her. Alfiya lived in constant fear.

Even when Ramu was sober, he refused to provide for Alfiya’s basic needs. With no other options, she found work as a day laborer. But because she was unable to deal with money matters on her own due to her lack of education, 30-year-old Alfiya struggled to make ends meet. Having three meals a day was a luxury. Life was becoming a waking nightmare.

Alfiya felt lonely and hopeless. But then, when she happened to meet an Adult Literacy teacher named Sukul, it changed everything. Sukul shared with Alfiya about the local Adult Literacy Class and told her she could finally learn to read, write, and do basic arithmetic! There was even a chance to learn about hygiene and running her own small business through special trainings. Intrigued, Alfiya immediately enrolled herself.

With a persistent attitude, Alfiya proved to be a quick learner. While working hard to achieve a 5th grade-level education over the course of the year-long class, Alfiya participated in the special trainings Sukul had told her about. Specifically, she learned how to start her own business by making and selling products like jams, candles, and shampoo. She took her training seriously and eventually made enough money to meet her needs. What a relief for this struggling woman!

Alfiya also heard the Gospel in her Adult Literacy Class. For the first time in her life, she heard that God loved her unconditionally. Touched by that truth, she realised that only Jesus could deliver her from the void she felt in her life. Alfiya received Christ as Lord, and all her burdens and fears about the future seemed to melt away. Now her life is built on the foundation of God’s Word.

Alfiya attends a worshipping group every week, as well as a Bible study and other prayer gatherings. As her husband’s addiction and terrible behaviour continues, pray that Alfiya will continue to seek and trust God and that He will fill her life with joy and peace. And pray that God will transform her husband from the inside out.