Adeela: Equipped to Support her Family

Growing up, Adeela was among the many children in India who are given no education.

Her father sent her to a special school for instruction on her family’s religion because he couldn’t pay for regular school. Adeela was uninterested and dreamed of attending the normal school her friends went to. She didn’t learn even simple things like how to write her name or do basic math. This presented challenges in even day-to-day tasks. For example, since she didn’t know how to sign her name, Adeela resorted to using her thumbprint in place of a signature.

As she grew up, Adeela was married to a man who worked for daily wages. Adeela rolled cigarettes for minimal income and was always cheated in the market since she couldn’t count. Even if she were skeptical that she was being given incorrect change, she didn’t have the knowledge to prove it.

Disaster hit when Adeela’s husband became paralysed. Adeela was left to support the couple’s five children on her own. She stopped sending them to school, and two of her sons went to work for extra income.

Just when she needed help most, Adeela was invited to an Adult Literacy Class by the teacher. Thanks to partners like you, she enrolled at no cost, and could soon read small sentences. As she learned to write, Adeela was thrilled to finally be able to sign her own name!

Impacted by the lessons and seeing the importance of education, Adeela decided to send her younger children back to school, and enrolled her two older children in the Literacy Class. Not only was she becoming literate, she was breaking the generational cycle of illiteracy.

Through special training, Adeela learned to make products like pickles, soap, and shampoo, selling them for much-needed income.

Adeela also grew spiritually and received Jesus as Lord! She asked her teacher to pray for her husband’s condition, so her teacher now comes to Adeela’s house and prays for her husband.

Thank you for being part of Adeela’s story. It’s caring people like you who brought Adeela hope during a desperate time in her life. Please continue to be part of Adeela’s story by praying for her husband’s healing from paralysis and for the family’s salvation.