Beksita’s Story

Beksita’s dad was gone—and she had a pretty good idea where he was. He liked to have parties, and he bought alcohol for all his friends.

But all of this spending affected their family. Before long, they were deep in debt. They had to borrow money from friends and family just to have enough to eat each week. Beksita’s parents saw no way out—and they planned to commit suicide.

But at this time, 12-year-old Beksita was invited to a Children’s Bible Club in her neighbourhood. She loved the songs, stories, and games! Beksita also learned about Jesus. She had never heard of such a loving God!

Touched by the sacrifice Jesus made for her, Beksita received Him as her Saviour and was filled with joy!

But Beksita’s heart was still heavy for her parents, who were so deeply depressed and hopeless so she began to pray to Jesus, asking for His help. She prayed that her father would give up alcohol and work hard to get rid of the family’s debt. At home, Beksita told her mum and dad about Jesus—the God who loves everyone and cares for them, no matter if they are poor or rich.

Beksita got her parents connected with a local pastor, and they poured out all their troubles to him. They were comforted as the pastor prayed for them and shared the Gospel—and they felt hope that maybe their lives could change.

And soon, Beksita’s prayers for her father were answered: he gave up alcohol and began to work harder to support his family. Little by little, the family’s financial situation began to improve. Beksita’s mum started going to church and is beginning to trust God.

Beksita asks for prayers that her parents come to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.