Bhola’s Story: Open Doors

Bhola and his family struggled to survive.

He worked in the fields every day in the hot sun. Bhola grew rice, wheat, and lentil beans so his family would have something to eat. He never made enough money, so sometimes Bhola had to take a bus 10 hours away to the city to work and only came home with $5 after two weeks of hard labour.

And then he spent that money on witch doctors — providing liquor and animal sacrifices. Bhola hoped the rituals would somehow help his family but they never did.

Opportunities were scarce.

Life was hopeless. Bhola was timid and shy — and never learned to speak up for himself. He didn’t know how to help his family.

But then, Bhola heard that he could get a free education through Adult Literacy Classes in his village.

Bhola began to attend. The lessons gave him confidence that he could learn so he could save money and manage a budget. And Bhola was introduced to Jesus and began to follow Him. With his new knowledge and faith in Christ, Bhola felt a courage he’d never had before.

And it opened his eyes to new opportunities.

“When I saw a carpenter fixing a door in my house, I got an idea,” shares Bhola. “To earn more and save some money, I decided to take up carpentry work.”

Bhola mustered the courage to ask the man repairing his door if he could be his apprentice! Bhola began earning money as a carpenter’s helper — and he learned how to make tables, chairs, doors, and windows.

Before long, Bhola started his own business. With the math skills he gained, Bhola can measure, estimate costs, and save money. He took on his own apprentices, saved up money to buy new tools, and even opened his very first bank account!

“I thank God for opening this door for me,” says Bhola.

Literacy classes changed the direction of Bhola’s life. He doesn’t worship tribal gods or consult witch doctors anymore. Now, he worships Christ alone and brings all his needs to Jesus in prayer.

Bhola’s wife and children, too, decided to follow Jesus.

The entire family was filled with peace and hope because of their new life in Christ! (You can see their JOY in the photos below!)

And despite his shyness, Bhola is helping many people to know the Lord, too. He brought his brother’s family to Christ — and he also witnesses to friends and neighbours and invites them to church. Through Bhola and his work, many people hear about Jesus every day.

Bhola has truly found his place in God’s world because God opened doors in his life. Doors to an education. Doors to a successful business. And the door to Bhola’s heart.

And now Bhola is using those opportunities to share the hope he has in Christ.

Thank you for opening the doors of an Adult Literacy Class to Bhola. You forever transformed his life and his community!