Chova: Unloved Mother of Unwanted Daughters

Chova was treated as though she was worthless growing up. Her parents didn’t want her, she was given no education, and instead of going to school, she was forced to stay home and do chores with her mom.

The reason for being treated this way? She was a girl.

At the age of 15, Chova was married off. She went to live with her husband and his Hindu family, and soon discovered that her Hindu in-laws saw daughters the same way her parents did: as merely a financial burden. When she gave birth to a daughter, Chova couldn’t believe no one congratulated her. She cried bitterly, and when she went to her husband for comfort, he blamed her for disappointing him and his parents by having a girl.

Problems escalated the moment Chova gave birth to her second daughter. Her family emotionally abused her and Chova’s in-laws even threatened to find their son a new wife.

Chova then gave birth to a third child—this time, a boy. Though she was relieved, Chova’s heart broke for her daughters, who were mistreated by the family for their gender. Chova stuck up for them and enrolled them in school, but was disappointed that she couldn’t answer their homework questions, since she was illiterate.

Meanwhile, an Adult Literacy Class was starting nearby. Chova excitedly planned to sign up. She asked her husband’s permission, but she was surprised when he mocked her and insulted her for wanting to learn. Chova signed up anyway.

It didn’t take long for the lessons in the Adult Literacy Class to change Chova’s lifestyle. The teacher talked about the importance of self-care, so Chova began to bathe regularly and keep her surroundings clean. When her husband noticed, he was pleasantly surprised to hear that this change had come from the Literacy Class. Chova was filled with joy that her husband was happy with her!

The transformation didn’t stop there. When Chova experienced severe back pain, her Adult Literacy teacher visited her house and prayed for her—and she was healed! Chova and her husband both started seeking Christ, and a few months later, they committed their lives to Him.

Today, Chova can read and write. She’s able to help her children with homework and can read their report cards.

Please pray for the transformation of Chova’s in-laws, who tried to sway the couple back to Hinduism when they began following Christ.