Disciples Making Disciples

“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” – Acts 2:47

Do you ever read Bible verses like this and stop to think how incredible it is that God multiplied the Church so exponentially in the book of Acts?

It’s hard to wrap our minds around this sometimes as Western Christians, but in India, this is exactly what’s happening as our ministry partners live out the Great Commission!

Year after year, we see God multiplying His Kingdom in India, and a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in India’s state of Assam is a great example of how this takes place.

Back in 2007, Church Planter Rajul started sharing the Gospel in a community in Assam. Several families came to know about Jesus through him, and they began to share their faith with others. They established a worshipping group together, and soon there was a big family of believers gathering and growing!

As a part of their ministry, the believers worked with our partners to start a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. Many children have been introduced to Jesus through this Bible Club—including Atri. He didn’t know Christ growing up, but once he heard the Gospel, he became committed to sharing it with others. And as he grew up, he developed a special passion for reaching children who had experiences like his. So, today, Atri is a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leader himself.

And recently, Atri had the opportunity to introduce a young girl named Sheena to the love of Christ! She came from a family of the lowest caste and had been taught from a young age to bow down before gods and goddesses. These actions were mindless rituals for Sheena, who simply went through the motions as her parents instructed. She felt no personal connection to the idols she worshipped.

When she became curious if others felt this way about the gods and goddesses, her friend was inspired to invite her to Atri’s Bible Club.

Sheena attended and loved singing action songs, dancing, and playing sports with the other children at the Bible Club. She gladly became a regular attendee. And within a few weeks, Atri was helping her discover all kinds of things about Jesus. Until her conversations with Atri, Sheena had no idea what sin was or that she could go to God in prayer. Sheena started to pray daily that Jesus would help her understand Him! In doing so, she developed a close relationship with Jesus.

Friends like you invested in Church Planter Rajul back in 2007… the people he reached started a worshipping group together… they launched a Children’s Bible Club that reached Atri… Atri started a Children’s Bible Club, equipped through the support of people like you… and as a result, Sheena has now received Jesus as Lord!

The multiplying effect doesn’t stop there: Today, Sheena’s parents invite Atri into their home to pray for them whenever they are sick. And Sheena is confident that, one day very soon, her parents will receive Jesus as Lord, too.