Himmat: Escaping Abuse and Finding Joy

When Himmat’s dad passed away, his mum remarried and had two children with her new husband—overlooking Himmat and the daughter she’d already had.

Himmat’s stepdad, Tushar, abused him—even beating Himmat when he asked to go to school. However, 10-year-old Himmat still desired to go as he watched the other neighbourhood children leave for school. Himmat asked his grandma to talk to his stepdad, but Tushar’s response was to beat him again.

Then, Himmat’s friend invited him to a Children’s Bible Club. He attended and was welcomed with a smile from the leader. Himmat enjoyed singing and dancing to the songs he learned, and also had the chance to paint pictures. He especially liked the one of Jesus carrying a lamb. Jesus seemed like someone Himmat, who was raised Hindu, could look up to.

However, challenges arose when Tushar found out about the Bible Club and threatened Himmat, warning both him and the Bible Club leader that Himmat could not attend.

Tushar soon left the village with the family and continued to abuse Himmat. Thankfully, his grandma learned of the abuse and brought Himmat and his sister back to stay with her in their village.

Himmat was overjoyed to return to the Bible Club. His leader shared that this was an answer to prayer, as he had been praying that God would bring Himmat back.

Himmat became captivated by the Bible stories his leader shared. Growing up, he had never heard about Jesus. Himmat received Him as Lord! He has started praying secretly and continues to attend the Bible Club along with his sister.

Himmat asks for prayer that Tushar will come to know Jesus as Lord and treat Himmat and his sister with love. Will you please pray for this family?