Hope and Freedom for an Abused Wife

Syana started working in the fields at a very young age to help her poverty-stricken parents earn extra income. Going to school was out of the question.

Syana was only 19 years old when she was married off to a man named Dahi, at which point she was convinced her burdens would melt away. But sadly, life after marriage was miserable. Home was a difficult place to be—and not just because the couple lived in a mud and stone home that was overtaken by the smell of their rotten perishable goods.

As it turned out, Dahi was an alcoholic who spent half his earnings on liquor, leaving the already-poor family in financial trouble. Even after the couple had children, Dahi would stumble home drunk and pick fights with the family, violently beating Syana and their children.

The one thing Syana knew she could do to help her children was to send them to school, but even this took an immense amount of effort. Dahi tried and tried to stop her from sending them to school, determined that the children would go to work instead, earning more money for him to buy liquor.

Syana enrolled her children in school boldly, standing up for the three of them and hoping they would have a better life one day.

Little did she know, many years later, she would have such an opportunity herself. Syana saw a friend carrying books and a slate while walking by one day, and she asked what these items were for. Syana’s friend explained that she was attending an Adult Literacy Class after work each day, and she invited Syana to join, too.

Despite Dahi’s opposition, Syana signed up with the support of her now-adult children. She began learning how to read, write, and do math, finding strength to learn even when her husband’s actions tempted her to give up.

Then came a day in the Adult Literacy Class that changed everything: the students were asked to share prayer requests. Syana was among the students who brought her requests forward, pouring out her heart about what was happening at home and how she had no sense of peace.

From then on, Syana’s teacher prayed for her regularly. And within a few weeks, a miracle happened: Dahi stopped drinking alcohol!

After years of addiction, this could only be possible through Jesus. Along with this transformation, Syana began to feel the peace she’d been looking for.

The more Syana attended the Adult Literacy Class, the more positive changes her family experienced at home. After a health and hygiene training, she started covering all perishable items with lids, which she hadn’t known the importance of before. Between this and opening windows and doors to provide air flow, Syana’s home is a more pleasant place to be.

Through a special training offered through the class on making and selling household products, Syana started a small business and started making many sales! Glad to see her success, Syana’s adult children began to help her make the products, too.

The entire family has been impacted in significant ways, far beyond what Syana ever dreamt of. She and her children came to realise that this was all thanks to Jesus and received Christ as Lord!

They are so grateful that Dahi’s attitude has changed and that he has stopped drinking and picking fights. Will you pray that he will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus as his family has?