In Their Words: Adult Literacy Students

How are Adult Literacy Classes changing lives? Read these quotes from students:


“Earlier, I never had any savings and during times of monetary need, I often approached moneylenders who charged hefty interest. But things changed after I understood the importance of saving and I started saving too. I started saving a small amount on a regular basis.” – Tara

“Jesus has turned my life upside down. From the world of alcoholism to the world of holiness.” – Trambak


“I have my problems, but I believe God can change my sorrows into joyful moments. Every day is a new day for me. I learn to depend more on Christ Jesus. Earlier I used to worry a lot but now I submit everything in His hands.” – Jema

“I spent all my life without being able to read, write or spell. Born and brought up in a low-income family, I had to forgo my education. I used to be ashamed that I couldn’t read or write. I also felt very uncomfortable when people made fun of my illiteracy. I desperately wanted to learn how to read and write for so many reasons. The Adult Literacy Classes were a second chance that I never dreamed I would get. Today, I can think in a better way and have more confidence.” – Anand


“I am very happy that there are literacy classes to help illiterate people like me. I would like to thank Mission India and everyone who has bestowed their time, money, and especially our class teacher. Thanks for giving me a second chance to learn and improve my life. This course has helped me gain confidence.” – Shalini

“The emptiness of my heart is now filled with the fullness of joy.” – Sudeeva