In Their Words: People Reached By Church Planters

How is the ministry of Church Planters changing lives? Read these quotes from individuals they’ve reached:

Kavita“God had been so good to me … He gave me peace and filled me with joy inexpressible.” – Kavita

“I was really in a terrible situation and was living a helpless life as I and my husband were idol worshippers. But thanks to Lord Jesus who showed me the real path. God was too merciful that he saved me and my two children and blessed me with a good job. My husband is still living in darkness, and he doesn’t like to mingle with us. I have a sincere prayer request to uphold him in your valuable prayers that he would change his life.” – Deepali

Heeral“God saved my life with a purpose. Now I’m strong and can provide for my family. I have hope for the future.” – Heeral

“I was really unhappy and just drank to escape my life. I was violent and out of control. I never knew what I was doing. I was ripping my family apart. After 15 years of heavy alcohol abuse, finally I found deliverance through Jesus Christ. Now I know I can always turn to Jesus Christ when I have a problem. There’s no shame in leaning on Him for help! Now that I have peace in my life, I don’t need alcohol anymore. My relationship with Jesus is of the greatest importance for me.” – Palas

Lochan“The moment I started praying I sensed God’s lavish, comforting presence that I had never known before. Even though I didn’t know what would happen with my health, I felt utterly, uniquely, supernaturally peaceful. My worries evaporated in the warmth of God’s love for me. Without knowing what was ahead for my family, I knew beyond any doubt that Jesus would take care of me.” – Lochan

“I am happy that God changed my life. I became a Christian, was baptised and am growing in the Lord. God restored my relationships with my family. My parents and all the people in my village say that I have changed a lot and have become a totally different person.” – Om