India Sets COVID-19 Records

On September 17, 2020, India posted the world’s highest single-day record for new coronavirus cases: 97,894.

One of the areas of greatest concern is India’s state of Maharashtra, where a total of over 1.4 million cases have been reported. Maharashtra’s city of Mumbai is one of India’s hot spots that could especially use your prayers. It is India’s largest city, where millions live in slums.

Imagine that your entire house is the size of your bedroom, but there are no walls, and the roof is a sheet of tin. Your entire family of five, six, or even more people live in this one-room home. On top of your roof is another house, just like yours, with another family living in it. The same is true no matter which direction you look: to your left, your right, straight ahead… you’re surrounded by small huts crowded with large families. The lack of walls and structure not only leave you with a lack of privacy—the setup (which is all you can afford) means it’s practically impossible for anyone in your slum to stay socially distanced. And that means, if someone in the area contracts COVID-19, it could spread rapidly to millions.

This is what makes COVID-19 such a significant concern for India, not to mention the large portion of the population that is stuck in poverty, often putting expensive medical treatment out of the question. This is also the exact reason that we are grateful for your support, which allows our partners to continue delivering Relief Kits in India’s COVID-19 hotspots.

When you equip our partners for this work, you not only allow them to meet families’ urgent physical needs; you also provide a way for our partners to share the Gospel.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we heard the story of a man named Rabah whose family was blessed by your support. Before the pandemic, he was working in agricultural fields while his wife worked in a factory, doing their best to support their two children. They were making ends meet, but then, several months back, Rabah was diagnosed with a heart-related condition, and his family has been financially struggling ever since.

When India’s COVID-19 lockdown was added to their mix of troubles, the family was knocked to the ground. They often found themselves in tears—until your gifts equipped one of our Church Planter Training partners to come to Rabah’s rescue. After this family received a Relief Kit containing enough food to last them for a month, plus hygiene supplies and the Gospel message, their strength was restored! Rabah shared, “I have a hope to live, for God has helped us through people we didn’t know. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

We praise God that, as families like Rabah’s continue to struggle during COVID-19, your emergency response is renewing their hope by demonstrating the love of Christ.

As India’s coronavirus cases remain high – especially threatening areas like Mumbai’s slums – will you join us in prayer for protection, healing, and even more open doors for the Gospel to spread?