India’s Most Unreached Areas: Rajasthan

A full 25% of the world’s unreached live in India. An estimated 400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus before, let alone a full presentation of the Gospel message.

In our blog series this week, take a closer look at three of India’s most unreached areas. Please keep these people and places in your prayers!


Rajasthan is a vast desert region of 68.5 million people who are thirsty for the Gospel. Christians are a tiny minority of just 0.1%, and are mostly within the Dalit (Untouchable) and tribal groups. Nearly 89% of people are Hindu.

VihanHow is God at work in Rajasthan?

Doctors said Vihan’s dad would be bedridden for the rest of his life.

Rumors circulated in the village that Vihan’s family had been cursed by witchcraft, and Vihan was consumed with fear.

Then, Vihan met a Mission India Church Planter named Sai. Vihan was very moved by the prayers of Sai and other believers and his dad was miraculously healed through prayers! The whole family received Jesus as their Saviour.