India’s Most Unreached Areas: Uttar Pradesh

A full 25% of the world’s unreached live in India. An estimated 400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus before, let alone a full presentation of the Gospel message.

In our blog series this week, take a closer look at three of India’s most unreached areas. Please keep these people and places in your prayers!

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is home to nearly 200 million people. Millions of Hindu pilgrims visit each year to seek cleansing from sins in the Ganges River. Only 0.1% of Uttar Pradesh’s population is Christian.

EmeliHow is God at work in Uttar Pradesh?

Emeli’s husband was supposed to come home with groceries.

But he came home from work drunk and empty-handed. Their children cried because they were so hungry. 23-year-old Emeli felt helpless.

Then, Emeli enrolled in a Mission India Adult Literacy Class. After learning about Jesus in her lessons, Emeli began to pray and read the Bible. Soon, Emeli received Jesus as her Saviour. Her husband gave up alcohol and now supports his family. Their children don’t go hungry anymore.