Jalasa: Blessed with a Baby

Four years into her marriage, Jalasa had not been blessed with a child. In Indian culture, it is considered a duty for married couples to have children, and a baby is considered a great blessing. While this mindset makes the birth of Jesus especially remarkable for Indian Christians, it can be tragic in the lives of women like Jalasa who can’t conceive and have families who don’t know Christ.

Jalasa’s husband and in-laws were one such case, blaming her for her grievous fault. The situation became so severe that Jalasa’s in-laws began to harshly beat her, left her without food, and called her “Barren Lady” in place of her name. She began to have nightmares and considered committing suicide.

She desperately prayed to her deities, but nothing worked, and finally, she was thrown out of the house.

With nowhere to go, Jalasa wandered aimlessly until she heard people singing in a house where Church Planter Layak had started a worshipping group. When he saw her standing in the entrance, Layak immediately invited her inside.

He allowed Jalasa to stay with his wife and children in their home, and the next day, went to Jalasa’s husband to ask him to rethink his decision. Though his mind couldn’t be changed, Layak prayed, and two weeks later, Jalasa began to have morning sickness. She discovered that she was pregnant!

When Jalasa’s husband heard that they would be having a baby, he was speechless. He brought her back and began to treat her like a queen.

Jalasa’s family asked for her forgiveness, and they all began to follow Jesus!