Joya: God Uses COVID-19 to Open a Door

Young Joya had a lot to be grateful for. She had a loving family, lived in a tight-knit community, and was studying in seventh grade. However, her parents and their traditions taught her to view herself as being above others. She grew up learning not to mingle with people who were of a lower caste.

Joya’s mindset started to shift, though, when her friend invited her to the local Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. Each day after school, among other activities, Joya and the other Bible Club members enjoyed playing games together—and it didn’t matter what caste anyone came from.

The Bible Club leader, named Musab, also spent time sharing Scripture with the children. Specifically, he quoted Mark 12:31, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Joya learnt that Jesus loves everyone, whether they are rich or poor, high caste or low caste.

Joya was learning and growing in many ways… And then came India’s COVID-19 lockdown.

The Year-Long Bible Club had to be put on pause, and then things went downhill at home. Joya’s dad, Govil, tested positive for COVID-19. Joya had a hard time understanding why her dad had to be isolated. And suddenly, her family’s community – which had always been supportive before – started to treat her dad as an outcast. Feeling rejected, Govil fell into depression.

That’s when Joya began to think about what she’d been learning at the Bible Club. With a budding faith in Jesus, Joya began to pray to Him for her dad to be healed. Meanwhile, Musab stayed in contact to encourage her, and while staying socially distanced, he visited her home to pray from Govil. Placing his hand on the door outside of where Govil was staying, Musab began to pray. Through the closed door, he also shared the Gospel with Govil—who joined Musab in praying to Jesus and trusting in Him.

Soon after, Govil took another COVID test. It came back negative! Knowing he had been healed by Jesus, the family praised Him and thanked Musab.

Though COVID-19 has caused many tragedies, God also used the situation to open doors for the Gospel, just like he did for Joya’s family. Because of Joya’s faith in Jesus, her whole family now knows Him as Lord! And today, they have organised a prayer group in their home, led by Musab.