Madhuri’s Story of Change


Madhuri hated school. She didn’t see the point.

Her parents worked hard to send Madhuri and her siblings to school – they argued with her to do better in class, but her interests were elsewhere – playtime with friends.

When discipline didn’t work, Madhuri’s parents became desperate and enrolled her in a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club.

And then, something changed.

Learning took on a new life to Madhuri through Bible stories and songs with motions. Things were looking up for Madhuri! But then, she suddenly got sick – deathly sick – and her parents couldn’t afford the cost of a doctor.

Madhuri’s health worsened and she stopped attending class.

But the Bible Club leader prayed for Madhuri’s healing – and within a few days, she started feeling better! Her parents rejoiced at this healing. And they were pleased to see that through the impact of the Bible Club, Madhuri prioritized her schoolwork and passed her exams.

Madhuri also received Jesus as her Saviour.