Paavni: Healed by the Divine Physician

Paavni was raised in a neighbourhood sharply divided by the caste system. The high caste looked down on the poorer members of the community—those who had to work in the fields or in the brick kilns to earn their meagre daily wages—refusing to associate with these low caste labourers and labelling them as “untouchables.”

To Paavni, there were two constants to her life in her village: She was of the low caste, and Christianity was looked upon as equally untouchable. There were only five Christian families in her entire community, and the high caste threatened any pastors that dared visit the village to share the Gospel.

Later in life, Paavni married and had four children with her husband, who worked as a labourer in the brick kiln to support his family. The family worshipped their gods and goddesses, offering sacrifices and fasting during their religion’s appointed times.

Unexpectedly and without warning, Paavni began suffering from severe psychiatric problems. She would walk out of her home in the middle of the night and ramble in the streets. She was taken to many doctors and psychiatrists, each very costly for a low caste family. None of their medicines helped her.

Finally, Paavni’s husband took her to a witch doctor, who offered sacrifices to various gods and goddesses. Still, there was no improvement in Paavni’s condition. In fact, it got worse. Discouraged and helpless, Paavni’s family settled into the belief that there was no hope for her to become the woman she once was.

Thankfully, Church Planter Rami, one of the few Christians in the village, knocked on Paavni’s door during one of his courageous house-to-house visits. He learned all about the illness Paavni was suffering.

Rami then offered Paavni “medicine” she had never heard of before. He shared the Gospel. Jesus’ words to the sick man in John 5:8 to, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk,” soothed Paavni in a way no doctor’s treatment had before. Encouraged, Paavni and her husband went to a local worshipping group the following Sunday, where all the worshippers prayed together for Paavni.

A new peace of mind settled over Paavni that very same night.

Over the next five months, Paavni and her husband attended the worshipping group every Sunday, and Rami visited Paavni at her home every week, sharing the Gospel and leading her in prayer.

Within five months, Paavni was completely healed of all her psychiatric struggles.

She praised Jesus for the miracle, and Paavni and her husband received Jesus Christ as Lord.

Now baptised Christians, Paavni and her entire family are a living testimony to everyone in their village about the miracles that can happen when you have the joy and peace of Jesus in your life.