Pavitra: Learning to Live by Learning to Sew

Pavitra had done her duty. She got married, had a son, and kept up the house. She was also devoted to her religious traditions, honouring her gods with prayers and rituals every single day.

At the age of 49, Pavitra was ready to try something new. She decided that she wanted to learn to sew through training provided by another villager—Church Planter Kala.

Kala had a sewing machine at home and stitched clothes that villagers brought to her. When some of them showed interest in learning how to sew, Kala started to teach them. During the lessons, Kala also put her Church Planter Training into action, sharing the Gospel and being intentional about praying for her sewing students’ salvation.

Pavitra had a knack for this kind of work and was full of creative ideas. She began to come to Kala’s house regularly, which was especially a blessing since Pavrita was dealing with some troubles at home. For one, her husband was struggling with constant pain.

As Pavitra learned to sew, the women developed a close friendship and enjoyed good conversations together. One day when Pavitra came over, Kala noticed that she seemed sad and took the opportunity to share the Gospel.

Pavitra responded well to this conversation and opened up about her troubles, explaining that her husband was dealing with knee pain. Kala assured her that Jesus is the Great Physician who could heal her husband if she trusted in Him.

After decades of following Hindu customs, Pavitra willingly trusted Jesus for her husband’s healing—and he recovered within just a few weeks!

Pavitra was amazed. She received Jesus as Lord, began to pray, and started studying the Bible. Because of the miracle in his life, Pavitra’s husband—and entire family—became interested in Jesus.

Kala used her talent and hobby of sewing to reach her neighbours with the Gospel. How can you use your gifts and interests to share the love of Jesus with those around you?