Persecution Update

Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are enduring persecution in India. We have listed some of their stories below. Will you lift these dear ones up in your prayers today?


Mum Persecuted by Community

28-year-old mum of two, Anila, faces strong opposition from other villagers for her faith in Christ. They insult and curse her, and they have cut all their relationships with her.


Opposed by Muslim Husband

Lata received Jesus as her Saviour through the ministry of a Church Planter in Uttar Pradesh, India. When she told her Muslim husband, he was furious and said that Jesus was a mere prophet of Allah. He warned her not to follow Christianity.

Geeta - persecutionTeenager Not Allowed to Go to Church

16-year-old Geeta recently received Jesus as her Saviour. She started going to church, but her parents oppose her faith. To stop Geeta from going to church, they refuse to let her go outside at all on Sundays now.

Beaten by Husband for Faith

Rupa is a new believer and attends a local church in her community in Goa, India. Her husband beats her because of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Avinash - persecutionBoy Opposed by Village

Avinash received Jesus as his Saviour at a Children’s Bible Club. Local villagers are angry. They warn Avinash’s family that because of the boy’s faith in Jesus, the wrath of their gods will fall upon the entire family.

Forced Out of Their Community

Rubina and her husband are new believers. They faced tremendous pressure to denounce Christ. So, they moved out of their community. Pray for God’s providence for this family as it is a struggle to make a living in their new community.