Poorbi: A Newly-Thriving Student

Poorbi’s community is poor, with most of the adults there working as daily wage laborers, including her parents. As the oldest daughter of three children, Poorbi has the responsibility of caring for her siblings while her parents are at work.

Poorbi attends the local school, which provides basic education but is unable to assist students that may need extra help, like Poorbi. Since her parents cannot afford the tuition for a private school, Poorbi is at a disadvantage as she struggles with learning and needs special guidance and encouragement.

But a while back, as Poorbi was playing with her friends after school one day, a leader from a local Year-Long Children’s Bible Club named Nabah came by inviting children to join. Poorbi, along with her brother and sister, were among those who quickly said yes!

On the first day of the Bible Club, Nabah could see that Poorbi looked unkept and needed some help with personal hygiene. She befriended Poorbi and taught her health and hygiene skills – things like bathing regularly – that Poorbi immediately put into practice and made sure her siblings followed as well.

Nabah also provided the extra tutoring and assistance Poorbi needed to improve in her studies. Poorbi enjoyed the many Bible Club activities such as singing, praying to Jesus, and hearing Bible stories, and was an active participant.

Through the Bible Club, Poorbi and her siblings also began to learn English as some of the songs they sang were in the English language. This was a coveted skill in Poorbi’s community, and her parents were astonished to see their children speaking in English. They were also delighted to see the changes in the children’s physical appearance and behaviors.

Today Poorbi is doing much better at school; however, once her parents discovered the children were learning about Jesus, they asked Nabah not to “teach them any religious stuff” any longer. Poorbi does believe in her heart that Jesus is the one true God, though, and her parents are very happy and thankful for all that their children learned in the Bible Club. Please pray for the entire family – that they will be saved through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.