Pray for Pastor Kamal


Pastor Kamal got a call from a member of his congregation, who said he had seen orange flags tied around the church.

Kamal’s heart sank at the news. Saffron (a specific kind of orange) is the national color of India—and it’s associated with the Hindu fundamentalist movement in India. These fundamentalists believe that India should be a 100% Hindu nation, and they are opposed to any other religions. That night, Kamal went to the church, and he was disheartened by what he saw. Saffron cloth was tied around the church as well as a nearby cross. Kamal noticed one of the windows was shattered. He stepped inside the church, and was shaken when he saw everything destroyed and in disarray. Every chair was broken. It was a clear message of intimidation, with threatening undertones—meant to discourage Kamal from continuing his ministry.

Last year, Pastor Kamal led a Children’s Bible Club in the area, and he continues to do ministry and outreach. This break-in has shaken Kamal, but he has not stopped him from doing the work God has called him to do.

Pray for the safety of Pastor Kamal and all the believers in this area. Also pray for the spiritual transformation of those who broke into the church.