Sahoj’s Life Was Changed

By the time she was ten, Sahoj was already skipping class and stealing from local shops.

Her parents were busy looking after their shop, so Sahoj found herself with a lot of free time and little supervision. She stopped going to school and started hanging out in the streets during the day.

Until one afternoon, her father spotted her.

Thinking class had been cancelled, Sahoj’s father went to her school to ask why. He was shocked to learn that Sahoj had stopped going to school altogether.

Frustrated, Sahoj’s father visited a local Children’s Bible Club, which offered free tutoring assistance, and enrolled her that day.

On the first day, Sahoj was attentive to the other kids singing and dancing to songs with motions. She quickly joined in the group activities and enjoyed it when the Bible Club leader offered to pray over Sahoj and her family.

Gradually, Sahoj’s behaviour and attitude improved.

She went back to school and did well in her classes.

And after hearing the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, Sahoj received Jesus as her personal Saviour