Tanuja: Family Destiny Changed

Tanuja’s father, Babhri, was an alcoholic, borrowed money he couldn’t repay, stole vehicles, and badly beat his wife, Lalasa. As a result, neighbours beat Babhri and police visited the family. Humiliated, Lalasa attempted suicide twice, but was rescued both times.

Then, eight-year-old Tanuja noticed a 10-day Children’s Bible Club in her village and excitedly attended with her mother’s permission. But, on the ninth day, her father stopped her, believing the other children were of a different caste.

A few months later, Lalasa sent Tanuja to a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. Tanuja shared what she learned at home and asked her Bible Club leader to pray for her family. Tanuja and Lalasa secretly prayed for Babhri, and Lalasa began attending a worshipping group, eventually receiving Jesus!

Babhri noticed Lalasa attending the worshipping group and, drunk, followed her there. He planned to beat her afterwards in front of the other worshippers to stop her attendance. Instead, he felt God’s peace inside the worshipping group’s building and began to accompany her each week. Babhri gave up alcohol and stealing, and received Jesus! The family is completely transformed.

Tanuja continues to attend the Children’s Bible Club and her parents are preparing to be baptised!