Ubika: Freedom through Prayer

Growing up, Ubika was not given the opportunity of education because of her gender. At the age of 19, she was married off to Idhayan and they soon had three children.

Idhayan dealt with his stress by drinking excessive alcohol. Ubika and the villagers urged him to stop, but he only worsened and started beating his wife.

Among the household’s issues, Ubika didn’t bathe regularly, was disorganised, and left perishable products uncovered, attracting flies. Idhayan spent his earnings on alcohol, leaving the family without money for food.

In an effort to help her family, Ubika got a job as a maidservant and enrolled her children in school. Then, she herself was given the opportunity of education when she met an Adult Literacy Class teacher. She joined the Class, and through special training, she learned about cleanliness, organisation, and how to make detergent to sell for income.

Ubika was also introduced to the Gospel and gave up superstition and religious taboo. She began to pray, asking God to change her husband. Suddenly, Idhayan gave up drinking!

Grateful to God, Ubika received Jesus! She shared the Gospel with her family, and they all followed her lead. Ubika has since been baptised.