Ujay: A Passion to Learn

Ujay’s parents were stuck in poverty and dreamed of a better future for their children. They knew education was critical for this, so they sent Ujay and his siblings to the local school.

However, Ujay and his siblings had very limited knowledge of the subjects they were studying and struggled academically. Despite his difficulties, Ujay had a passion for learning. He worked hard, but he made no progress in his studies and earned low grades.

Ujay felt discouraged and frustrated. His parents wished they could do something for him, but they didn’t know how to help him themselves and couldn’t afford a tutor.

One evening while Ujay was doing homework, a woman named Wafia walked by. She saw his intent focus and went to speak with his parents about the Year-Long Children’s Bible Club she led, where Ujay could receive free tutoring.

They gladly enrolled him, and Ujay was soon enjoying the many activities at the Bible Club. He had always liked playing games, but here at the Bible Club, there was sports equipment that he didn’t have access to before. He became passionate about sports and began to play badminton, soccer, and cricket. During these activities, Wafia encouraged Ujay and the other children to use good sportsmanship and have Christ-like behaviour.

Wafia also provided Ujay with the academic help he needed. Each day, time was set aside for the boys and girls to do their homework. Wafia helped each of them with their studies, and gradually, Ujay’s grades improved! Beyond his school subjects, Ujay developed his communication skills and vocabulary.

Most importantly, Wafia shared about Jesus in the Bible Club. Ujay enjoyed hearing Bible stories, singing Christ-centred action songs, learning how to pray, and memorising Scripture. Though he had grown up Hindu, Ujay was drawn to the Bible. At the age of 13, he received Christ as Lord.

Since then, prayer has become Ujay’s priority. He especially prays for the salvation of his parents and other family members. Will you join him in prayer and ask God to use Ujay mightily?