Vinisha: Literacy Provides Financial Support

Vinisha grew up in a Hindu family, worshipping her gods out of fear. With no literacy skills, she faced poverty at every stage of life. She was unable to find good work, and problems only continued when she married a local tractor driver at her parents’ wish. He was unable to provide financial stability for their family, including the two children they were blessed with.

Vinisha was discouraged. She wanted to make a difference and support her husband, but she didn’t know how.

Then, Vinisha heard about a local Adult Literacy Class, and didn’t hesitate to enroll! She quickly learned to read, write, and do basic math on her own.

Through special training provided through the Literacy Class, Vinisha learned how to start her own business. She began to make disinfectant and detergent, selling her products in retail shops to make a good profit. This helped her to start saving money on a regular basis.

Another special training taught Vinisha how to better care for her family. She gained an understanding of why her children experienced weakness and fatigue, now ensuring that they receive a balanced diet and see doctors for proper medication.

The Adult Literacy Class also introduced Vinisha to Jesus. Through Bible lessons, she learned to view God as a loving Father—much different from the Hindu gods she feared. Secretly, she began to attend prayer meetings. She came to realise that her gods could not hear her, and repented of worshipping these idols. She received Jesus as Lord, and today she shares Christ with her family members! Please pray that God will transform Vinisha’s husband.