Viri: An Outcast, Transformed by Christ!

Viri was miserable. She had lived a difficult life, born into a household where food was scarce and education was out of the question. She was neglected by her parents, turned to bad friends, and was responsible to care for her five younger siblings.

When Viri reached adulthood, she was using insulting language. This caused problems in her marriage, as she often fought with her in-laws and had a heart full of bitterness. Viri was on the verge of divorce, and she resorted to her gods in search of peace. She rigorously performed rituals and worshipped her idols, but she was only left with sorrow.

Around this time, a woman named Pahel was going door-to-door in Viri’s village, inviting men and women to join an Adult Literacy Class she was teaching. When Viri was invited, she agreed to attend, interested in getting the education she had missed out on as a child.

However, Viri’s bad behaviour had affected more than just her family; the whole village was wary of her bad behaviour. She had a terrible reputation, and the other students in the Literacy Class felt uncomfortable around her. As a result, Viri stopped attending.

Pahel was determined to do something about this situation. She began to visit Viri at her home on a regular basis. Each time they met, Pahel helped Viri understand the importance of behaving differently and encouraged her to stop using the abusive language she was accustomed to. Little by little, Pahel was able to help Viri keep calm, putting an end to the temper she had had for years.

When Viri showed improvement, Pahel spoke with the students at the Literacy Class. She told them about Viri’s changes and encouraged them to befriend her. Viri re-enrolled in the Literacy Class, ready to live differently!

While learning how to read, write, and do basic math in the Literacy Class, Viri continued to observe Pahel’s Christ-like example. She learned from Pahel about Jesus’ love and His sacrifice on the cross. Viri discovered that He is a forgiving God—and she repented. She cried as she grieved the hate she’d felt for so long, and finally, she felt at peace. Viri welcomed Jesus into her heart.

Viri has since become one of the top students in her Adult Literacy Class, and her life is now full of happiness instead of bitterness. She gets along with the other villagers, and a prayer group is even being held in her home!

Will you pray that the rest of Viri’s family will come to the saving knowledge of Christ?