What’s a Prayer Walk?

Mission India’s Church Planters (and oftentimes, our Adult Literacy Class teachers and Children’s Bible Club leaders) do something called a “prayer walk” about a week before they begin ministry in a community.

So, what is a prayer walk? It’s exactly what it sounds like—walking and praying!

What are they praying for?

  1. For blessings on the village and those who live in it.
  2. For Satan’s strongholds in that area to be broken through the power of Christ.
  3. For God’s grace and forgiveness on the people in that community who are sinning, separated from God.
  4. For souls to be reached with the Gospel in that community.
  5. For God to lead him or her to “a person of peace”—someone who is open to discussing religious matters and meeting regularly with the Church Planter.

A typical prayer walk lasts about an hour or so and it can be longer, depending on the size of the community! The prayer walk is usually done alone, but it is also sometimes done in groups of 2-10 believers.

Please join us in prayer for the five points above, and maybe even have a prayer walk of your own in your neighbourhood!