Children’s Bible Clubs


Millions of children in India lack proper guidance at home—especially those in poverty. Yet with the right support, they can become the hope of not just tomorrow, but also today!

Untapped Potential

Between poverty, addiction, and a lack of education, many parents in India can’t provide what their children need to succeed. In fact, they lean on their children for support: according to the census, India has 10.1 million child labourers ages 5-14.

Without adult supervision, India’s children are susceptible to developing habits like stealing and drinking alcohol at a young age. Meanwhile, these desperate children are turning to idols for help, just as they’ve been taught. They haven’t sought Jesus’ help because they simply don’t know who He is.

What a Bible
Club Includes


Christ-centred songs, paired with fun dances, teach children about Jesus in an engaging way. When they sing the songs at home, their parents learn about Him, too!


Children share their prayer requests with Bible Club leaders, who not only pray over the needs, but encourage the children to do the same. And God answers!


The compassion of a Christian leader goes a long way. Children look up to their Bible Club leaders and are naturally discipled through each day’s activities.

Whole-Family Impact

As children learn about Jesus, their behaviour improves and their lives begin to change. Parents notice and want to know more, leading entire families to Christ!

Scripture Memorisation

Boys and girls take comfort in God’s Word and memorise long passages of Scripture. The truth of the Gospel stays hidden in their hearts for years to come.

Holistic Support

In Year-Long Bible Clubs, leaders teach children the importance of bathing, wearing clean clothes, and brushing their hair. This is all new to many of them!

Give a Gift

You can introduce a child in India to Jesus for only £1, given toward 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs! Or, for £16, you can enroll a boy or girl in a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club to be discipled over a full year.

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