Adult Literacy Classes

With nearly 300 million illiterate adults, India is the most illiterate nation on earth.


“Even though we have eyes, we lived like blind people.”

–a literacy student

When you’re illiterate, you’re not just blind to reading and writing. You’re blind to being cheated in the market, the need for your kids to be in school, healthy food and good hygiene, and your rights as a citizen of your nation... the list could go on and on.

Transformation in 52 Weeks

The holistic and practical lessons empower students to read and write at a Year 6 level, do 3‐digit math, save money, and increase income. In addition, they learn about healthy eating, good hygiene, sanitation, and social ills such as devaluing daughters and child marriage. Best of all, students are gently introduced to the Gospel through the wisdom of God’s Word and the story of Jesus.

“Literacy is a small tool that makes a big impact. Like dynamite.”

– Chiran, a literacy teacher


Adult Literacy Classes open doors into closed communities and have the power to change lives in radical ways. Check out these stories to see for yourself:

A gift of £28 will sponsor a student in an Adult Literacy Class for a full year. A gift of £840 will sponsor a class of 30 students!
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Our literacy classes meet immediate needs, bring Joy in Jesus and provide Hope for a brighter future.