In millions of India’s poorest families, the root of poverty is a lack of education. Together, we can lead them to a financially stable future—all while showing them the hope of Christ.

For the 287 Million

According to UNESCO, India is home to 287 million adults who never had the chance to be educated. It’s not just academics they missed—a lack of education affects everything.

These 287 million uneducated adults are susceptible to constant sickness because they never learned to wash their hands before cooking. Getting lost in their own town because they can’t read street signs. Marrying off a young daughter because it’s one less mouth to feed while in poverty. Illiterate adults are looking for a better way of life, and Jesus has so much more in store for them.

What’s Covered in our Adult Literacy Classes


Since many students have never set foot in a classroom, they start by learning the alphabet. By the end of the year-long class, they can read at a primary school level.


Students are thrilled to write their name for the first time! Soon, they can fill out paperwork to open a bank account or sign the papers from their children’s school.


By learning addition, subtraction, and beyond, students become capable of counting money. They’re no longer cheated in their wages.


In a special training, students learn how to make and sell locally-sourced products like soap, jam, and candles. Many are inspired to start a small business!

Health & Hygiene

Students learn why to bathe regularly, how to maintain a clean home, and the importance of washing hands before cooking. Entire families become healthier!

Spiritual Development

Christian teachers introduce students to Jesus through Bible-based curriculum. They also pray for students’ needs and encourage them to trust God!

Give a Gift

You can break the generational cycle of poverty for a family in India with a gift of just £28. That’s all it takes to enrol an uneducated adult in a year-long Literacy Class!

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