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Ministry Overview

Why India?

The nation of India is the most unreached nation on earth. 400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus. Why India? Because God loves India.

Children's Bible Clubs

Ravi’s Story

Ravi's family was excommunicated from their village for accepting Christ. Discover how his invitation to a Children's Bible Club paved the way for reconciliation and changed his village forever!

Adult Literacy Classes

Nanya’s Story

Nanya was mistreated as a child and had no one to look up to—especially after her dad and stepmom sold her into a two year labor contract at the age…

Children's Bible Clubs

Monika’s Story

Monika's father was an alcoholic, borrowed money he couldn't repay, stole vehicles, and badly beat his wife. But, through a Children's Bible Club, God changed everything!

Ministry Overview

Clay Cups

Millions of people in India have been told they are "cursed by the gods." Imagine the hope that the Gospel brings to them! And who will tell them this Good…