To be honest ‐ video is probably our favorite way to tell the story of what God is doing in India.

Why India?

The nation of India is the most unreached nation on earth. 400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus. Why India? Because God loves India.

Monika's Story

Monika's father was an alcoholic, borrowed money he couldn't repay, stole vehicles, and badly beat his wife. But, through a Children's Bible Club, God changed everything!

Clay Cups

Millions of people in India have been told they are "cursed by the gods." Imagine the hope that the Gospel brings to them! And who will tell them this Good News? We will - with your help.


The Necklace

The necklace symbolised what Sarita calls her “enslavement.” Sarita was a devadasi (temple prostitute) in India. Even though she didn’t like her profession, Sarita was afraid to quit … because she was terrified that the goddess Yellamma would curse her family.

The Rag Picker

Raju Joseph picks rags for a living in a garbage dump. It’s filthy, degrading work that only pays about a dollar a day. After a lifetime of being taken advantage of, Raju struggled to figure out how to build a better future for himself and his family.

The First Believer

In India, there are thousands of villages where the name of Jesus is still not yet known. In each of these places, from remote jungles to urban slums, transformation is taking place as the Holy Spirit moves in hearts and lives. And it all starts with The First Believer.

Open Doors

Life was hopeless. Bhola was timid and shy — and never learned to speak up for himself. He didn’t know how to help his family. But then, Bhola heard that he could get a free education through Adult Literacy Classes in his village.

Becoming Rich

If you look across these train tracks in eastern India, you will see the dilapidated homes of forgotten people. And if you look inside one of these homes, you will find Punia and Bishal there, waiting to tell you their story.


Armstrong and Mondi

As a Church Planter, Armstrong is carrying the Good News into places where the Gospel has never gone before. And he never knows what to expect the first time he knocks on the door.

Kajani's Story

Looking at her big smile, you wouldn’t guess the kind of hardship and pain Kajani experienced. Watch Kajani’s amazing transformation ... from gut-wrenching despair to new hope ... in this incredible new video about the powerful impact of Bible-based literacy classes.

Roopa's Story: Bride Set Ablaze

Every day in India, an estimated 17 women are victims of "bride burning." Roopa survived this horrific practice - and now she is courageously telling her story.

The Muslim Man

Why do they call Ravi "Muslim Man" when he's not a Muslim? As you watch this video, you'll discover the answer to this question. And you'll be amazed by how God is using this passionate Christian man to reach the unreached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to a CBC

In India, God is raising up thousands of little evangelists as boys and girls hear about Jesus through Children's Bible Clubs... and carry the Good News home! How do you reach a nation of 1+ billion? Start with one child.

Welcome To An Adult Literacy Class

Watch how God uses our Adult Literacy Classes to educate and equip adults in India. The life change is significant as adults learn how to read, write and do math at a fifth grade level.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14