Open Doors

2020 was a lot. But God used it to open doors for the Gospel to spread in India.

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India's 2020 Experience

When India’s COVID-19 lockdown hit on 24th March 2020, over 300 million people were already living on less than £1 per day. Day labourers across the country were living hand-to-mouth, so when they could no longer leave home for work, they suddenly had no food for their families. The pandemic became a humanitarian crisis overnight.

That's Not All.

As the year progressed, India faced the worst flooding it’s seen in 44 years. Families had to flee from their flooded homes and move to community shelters, making it extremely difficult to socially distance.

But throughout 2020 we were blown away by those that supported our relief work, spreading Jesus’ love like never before!

What's Next?

Our Heavenly Father can use the worst situations for His good, and that’s exactly what happened in India last year! With persecution on the rise in India, there are groups of people we’ve never been allowed to access before-but thanks to our relief efforts in 2020, God opened doors for the Gospel to spread in these communities! And now, they want to know more. That means we have the opportunity to launch our three programmes in places we’ve never been!

Children's Bible Clubs

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Adult Literacy Classes

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Church Planter Training

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One-third of the unreached people groups of the world are in one country: India


God is using people like you to transform lives and perform miracles across India—every. single. day. Take a look at personal stories of Jesus’ love in action!