Stand with India’s Christians as they Proclaim the Gospel in unreached villages!

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India’s Current Need

India’s second wave of COVID-19, which took place in the spring of 2021, left children orphaned and parents widowed. Vulnerable families fell into poverty due to lockdowns, so when restrictions lifted, they sent their sons and daughters to become child labourers. In some cases, these children were targeted and trafficked.

How God is Working

In spite of India’s continued struggle with COVID-19, our ministry partners are Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus in powerful ways! In fact, they’re excitedly launching our regular programmes in the very places they distributed COVID-19 Relief Kits, opening the door for them to disciple families they met through relief work last year.

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What's Next?

Jesus uses the most difficult circumstances for His good—even in a pandemic that’s layered with intense persecution. Through the support of people like you, India’s Christians are Proclaiming the Gospel in a way that some would consider “unprecedented”! Check out the programmes God is using to Proclaim the name of Jesus all across India.

Children's Bible Clubs

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Adult Literacy Classes

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Church Planter Training

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One-third of the unreached people groups of the world are in one country: India


God is using people like you to transform lives and perform miracles across India—every. single. day. Take a look at personal stories of Jesus’ love in action!