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You Gave an Orphan in India Hope!

When Thansi was only nine months old, one horrific event changed her life forever: On their way to visit relatives, her parents were hit by a car while driving their motorbike. In that moment, Thansi became an orphan.

In the aftermath of the accident, Thansi and her two brothers were split up and sent to live with different relatives. Thansi was adopted by her aunt and uncle, and as the years went by, they never once mentioned the motorbike accident. Naturally, Thansi believed her aunt and uncle were her biological parents, until she mistakenly learned the truth at the age of 11.

Discovering the hidden truth about her parents was terribly unsettling. She felt a void that she had never known and missed the family she never knew. Thansi grew resentful toward her uncle’s discipline and felt that her life would have been better with her biological family.

Difficult situations like these are exactly what you step into when you support Children’s Bible Clubs. Not long after Thansi learned about her background, she was invited by friends to participate in the local Children’s Bible Club, led by Alka. This became another defining moment in Thansi’s life, but this time it would change for the better.

In the Bible Club, Thansi was introduced to Jesus for the very first time! She heard about His miracles, learned Christ-centred action songs, and played games with the other children. Thansi experienced the love she had been longing for—the love of Jesus! With Alka’s guidance, Thansi came to understand the Gospel and received Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

Now, Thansi has accepted her aunt and uncle as her new family. She knows that God’s love will never leave her, and she has transformed from being angry and hurt to hopeful and happy.