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Adana Leaves Idols to Serve God

Adana devotes her life to service, teaching an Adult Literacy Class as well as sharing God’s love as a pastor. Her life was forever changed when she met a Christian man who shared the love of God with her! Here is Adana’s testimony…

I grew up worshipping the gods and goddesses of my culture as my parents taught me. We were very devoted to our beliefs, practicing many rituals and worshipping idols every morning. As religious as we were, I had a lot of problems in my life.

One day, I met a good Christian man who told me about the love of God – that God loved and cared for me even as a sinner. That day I changed my mind and my heart. I believed the truth about God and left my idol worship behind as I started my new life as a Christian. Praise God the rest of my family received Jesus as their Savior as well.

In 2016, I surrendered my life to God, however, I didn’t understand much about Jesus Christ. I started attending a local church and through studying the Bible, and hearing the teaching from our pastor, I learned more and more about Jesus and His love. I came to fully know Him as my Savior through the Word of God. The Scriptures are really inspiring to me, especially the story of the lost sheep.

Before finding Jesus, there were many problems in my family and confusion in my life. But now I have clarity as I am walking in the light. After receiving Jesus there was great change in my family, and we no longer have the problems we experienced previously. We are now full of joy and rest in God’s peace.

I want to serve God with all my heart and decided to challenge myself and serve Him as a missionary, sharing the love of Jesus with others. I am currently working as a teacher in a Mission India Adult Literacy Class as well as working as a pastor.

Please pray for Adana as she helps the illiterate men and women in her village learn to read and write! Pray that the hearts of her students would be open and receptive to the Gospel as she shares Jesus’ love. Pray also for Adana’s work as a pastor in her community and that her family will continue to be filled with the joy and peace that comes only from a relationship with God.