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God is using people like you to change one life in India after the next. Over our 45-year history, that adds up to incredible results!

Lives Changed
for Eternity

Below you’ll find real stories of lives changed by the power of the Gospel. Each one was made possible because people like you trusted God to use their gifts and prayers for His Kingdom in India!

Be inspired in your own faith as you read and watch these amazing testimonies. Over and over, you’ll see Jesus’ love intervene in hopeless situations, in ways that only He can!

The Impact in 2023

Adults, children, families, and entire communities were changed by the love of Christ last year. Adults, children, families, and entire communities were changed by the love of Christ last year. Watch the video below to see how God moved in 2023!

from India

“I was not interested in Christianity, but the little experience that I encountered was enough for me to prove that Jesus is the only living and true God. Jesus listened to my prayers and helped to grow in Him.”
“When I prayed to God and invited Him into my heart, that day I experienced a real joy and peace in my heart.”
“I got an answer to my troubles after joining the Children’s Bible Club. I came to know the power of prayer and only Jesus Christ can give us happiness.”
“I thought I was alone and there is no one to care for me, including my son. But I learned the love and grace of Jesus through Adult Literacy teacher Sanchala. Today I’m so happy that I know Jesus as a true living God. He is my Savior."

Your Impact Through Bible Clubs

Many of India’s children have parents who aren’t present, whether due to long hours of labor, excessive alcohol consumption, or abusive habits. But God is using people like you to reach these families through Children’s Bible Clubs! Monika’s story is a powerful example—check out her story below!

Your Impact Through Church Planters

Can you imagine being the only Christian in your entire town of 1,000 families? Santosh Kumar has his work cut out for him, but God used your gifts and prayers to equip him for ministry! Check out what you are making possible.

Your Impact Through Literacy Classes

The burden of illiteracy goes far beyond the inability to read and write. When you provide Christ-centered education, it changes everything! See how the love of Christ worked through your gifts and prayers in Nanya’s story.