Church Planter Training

Indian Christians are motivated like never before to reach their nation for Christ.


When you bring Jesus, Jesus brings everything else.

When you bring Jesus into a community, amazing things happen. But in the 500,000 unreached villages and communities in India, something is missing. The name of Jesus brings hope and change to places saturated in spiritual bondage.

Equip and Send

Church Planters engage in a year of in‐depth training. This is done on‐location, in teams of 10, with a mix of classroom instruction and supervised fieldwork. The goal is to establish strong communities of faith that continue to grow and multiply!

“We are very poor. But because of the love of God, and the love of God’s people – we feel rich.”

– Punia, new believer and church member


Our training is designed to launch a Church Planter into a lifetime of ministry. Check out the following stories to see what that looks like:

A gift of £1,700 will fully sponsor a Church Planter’s training for a year. And a gift of any amount goes a long way toward that goal.
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Share the Gospel. Strengthen communities.
Change lives.