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Experiencing Christ—and Facing Opposition

Afizah knew it was a risk to follow Jesus, based on her relatives’ response to her new faith. But she had seen Him at work and was determined to keep pursuing Christ! Read Afizah’s testimony to discover her passion for ministry and find out where God has led her today.

I am very glad to share my personal testimony. I was born and bought up in a very dedicated, traditional religious family. My father worked in a private company on daily wages, and my mother was a housewife.

After my marriage, we faced so many problems in my family. I didn’t have peace in my mind. In 2016, a tragedy took place in my family life. My husband became very sick, and he was anaemic. Me and my parents took him to several doctors and to different temples for healing, but it was of no use. His condition was getting worse and worse every day.

Finally, one day, a servant of God came to my house. We shared our family problems, and the pastor shared the Good News of Jesus Christ. When he was sharing from the Word of God and prayed for my husband, he started feeling better. After a few days, my husband was completely healed. Since then, we started reading the Bible daily and also started praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ.

All my family members and relatives opposed my faith in Jesus Christ. We told them, “If Jesus gave us a new life, we should glorify His name, so why do you want to do idol worship?” I started going to church every Sunday and Friday. I am very thankful to God and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2018, I took more steps of faith and started working for the greater glory of God among the children and adults. At present, I am conducting a prayer group in my house. Please pray for my family and my ministry.

Today, we’re thrilled that Afizah is a Church Planter, trained by our ministry partners in India! Her incredible story motivates her to share the Good News—she knows it can change lives forever, just as Christ changed her!