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Taizeen’s Heart Softens in a Bible Club

It’s surprising to think that so much chaos can come from a boy in 8th grade, but that was the situation with Taizeen. He was disobedient to authority, rude to neighbors, and a bad influence on his friends. Other villagers frequently complained to Taizeen’s parents about his behavior, but they felt helpless to control their son.

One day, a neighbor named Kreena came by Taizeen’s home to tell his parents that she was starting a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in their village. She invited Taizeen to join, but his parents were too afraid that his behavior would ruin the experience for other children. Kreena assured Taizeen’s parents that she would look after him, and that his involvement in the Bible Club would change his life. Trusting their friend and neighbor, they agreed to let Taizeen participate.

Taizeen had a rocky start. Kreena struggled to control his behavior, but she faithfully prayed for God to soften Taizeen’s heart. Kreena didn’t walk away when Taizeen was difficult. She remained patient and showed him the power of unfailing love.

Over time, Taizeen became a completely different person!

He started making friends at the Bible Club, singing Christ-centered action songs, and reciting Scripture verses from memory. At school, Taizeen’s grades began to improve significantly thanks to the tutoring Kreena provided. Even his parents noticed a difference in his behavior!

Because of the change that occurred in Taizeen, Kreena was able to share the Gospel with his family. They listened intently, knowing what she said was true.

Taizeen and his parents believe in Jesus, but they have yet to surrender their lives fully to Him. Will you pray for their salvation?