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Taulik: Freed from Disease and Addiction!

Taulik’s village practiced many superstitions, rituals, and customs as they worshipped many gods and nature. In Taulik’s tribe, alcoholism was a big problem, as was tobacco. The boys started drinking, smoking, and chewing at a very young age. They spent their money on their addictions and lived in very unhealthy conditions.

In addition to the problems caused by addiction, the environment was filthy, and their food preparations were unsanitary. This caused many of the villagers to become sick often and even bedridden.

Taulik’s family knew the local hardships in a personal way: They also experienced frequent illness, and Taulik struggled with addiction. He wasted so much money on drinking, he could not afford to provide adequate food for his family, only making matters worse.

With so many suffering from disease and infection, there was no joy or peace in Taulik’s family. They went to hospitals and temples for treatment. They offered vows to their gods in hopes of a healthy life. But when nothing changed, they lost hope.

Among the family illnesses, Taulik’s father suffered from severe headaches for 26 years. None of the tests uncovered the cause, and so the family went to a witchdoctor for magical healing. With medical costs piling up, the family was drowning in debt and still had no relief. They did not understand why their family had to suffer from so much disease and illness.

As Taulik sat in depression and despair, Church Planter Sabir came to visit. Sabir listened to Taulik share all the hardships his family had endured over the years, and then he prayed for them. No one objected to the prayers as they were desperate for help and hoped for a miracle. Sabir shared the Gospel with them and urged them to put their trust in Jesus as He was their lasting source of joy and peace.

The family agreed to have Sabir pray regularly in their home. And, within a few weeks, they began to see improvements. The faithful prayers resulted in complete healing for Taulik’s father! Seeing this miracle, Taulik set aside his superstitions and idolatry and gave up drinking and tobacco. His family ultimately decided to leave their past behind and to follow Jesus.

Taulik and his family now trust in Jesus as they have found peace and joy in Him. They have all received Jesus as their Savior and are living healthy lives. Taulik shares his story and is a witness to their friends and relatives in the village. Some have begun attending a local worshipping group with Taulik, too! We thank God for the health He has blessed Taulik’s family with and pray that many more will come to salvation through Jesus as the family shares their stores of miraculous healing.