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Jasneet: A Prodigal Son Finds God

As children grow into teenagers, they often begin to test the limits of their independence. That’s exactly what happened with Jasneet.

Jasneet’s father traveled for work, which left his mother to raise him and his younger brother. His father valued freedom and wanted Jasneet to experience all the benefits of independence, and unfortunately, Jasneet took this as an opportunity to misbehave.

It started small with Jasneet staying out past his curfew and misusing his allowance money. Then his grades slipped, and he started failing subjects like political science and English. To make matters worse, Jasneet was bullying other boys.

Jasneet’s parents were worried, so they gladly jumped at the opportunity to enroll him in a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club, led by Pallavee. They had heard how good Pallavee was with children, and that children who attend the Bible Club often come away with a new outlook on life. They hoped Pallavee could help their son.

At first, Jasneet brought his same poor attitude to the Bible Club. But Pallavee knew of God’s love for Jasneet deep in her heart, so she patiently guided and corrected him. Jasneet’s tough exterior started to melt away and show a young man who simply needed guidance. Little by little, he found comfort in the Bible stories that Pallavee shared every day. Then, the tutoring he received helped Jasneet get better grades in political science and English! Jasneet was slowly changing.

But the true change came when he woke up one day to a terrible rash all over his skin. His mother took him to the doctor, where Jasneet was diagnosed with a skin allergy. A leader from the Bible Club came to pray over him, and Jasneet realized how much Jesus had done for him.

Touched by the love of Christ shown to him at a difficult time, Jasneet confessed his sins and received Jesus as his Lord and Savior! Now he is living in peace, obeying his parents with a joyful heart. With gratitude, Jasneet’s mother exclaims, “I am so thankful to the Children’s Bible Club that brought my prodigal son back to the family!”

Will you pray for the healing of Jasneet’s skin allergy? Thank you for being a part of Jasneet’s story through your ongoing prayers for India’s children!