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The Antidote to Insecurity

School never came easy for Adikrit. He had a desire to learn but couldn’t seem to comprehend what he was being taught. No matter how hard he tried, Adikrit had trouble recognising letters. This made it impossible for him to read and write. When teachers asked him questions during class, Adikrit was never able to answer correctly. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried, Adikrit could not succeed in school.

Because of this, his classmates bullied him, and Adikrit often left school in tears. He desperately wished that he could be smarter but had no one to help him grow.

To avoid the bullies, Adikrit started skipping school. His parents grew concerned and didn’t understand why their son suddenly seemed to be uninterested in getting an education. Instead of opening up to his parents, Adikrit grew more isolated and depressed.

When Adikrit’s parents told him about the opportunity to join a Children’s Bible Club, he was hesitant. He was anxious because he thought it would be the same as school—that the other children would make fun of him for being a slow learner. But Adikrit’s parents enrolled him with the hope that Bible Club leader Selven could help!

Sure enough, Selven was patient with Adikrit and celebrated him every time he answered questions correctly. Over time, timid and fearful Adikrit gained confidence. And he gained friendship, too! The other children were nothing like he expected. They were kind, encouraging, and helpful! They cheered loudly any time Adikrit learned something new. This was nothing like anything he had experienced before.

Because of Selven’s patient guidance and the children’s kindness, Adikrit finally felt like he belonged. This new environment was just what he needed in order to see that he was, in fact, intelligent. All he needed was a bit of compassion and support!

During the Bible Club gatherings each day, Selven shared the Gospel and led the children in Bible-based action songs. Adikrit listened intently and showed great respect to the stories about Jesus he heard. So far, Adikrit has yet to receive salvation, but a seed has been planted in his heart. Will you pray for his salvation?