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Seeking Education, Finding God’s Love

Ratima and her husband had a son shortly after getting married. But instead of building a happy life together, Ratima’s husband left and married another woman. In an instant, Ratima found herself scrambling to put the pieces of her life back together.

She worked hard to provide for her son by finding employment as a maid for high society families and selling fruit in the market. This enabled her to save enough money to purchase land and a hut of her own.

Ratima’s son grew up, got married, and became a brick maker. While her life looked like a success on the outside, home was a different story. Her son spent all of his money on alcohol, and he abused his wife as well as Ratima. Ratima was devastated.

One day, while selling fruit in the market, Ratima met Adult Literacy teacher Amarni, who seemed kind and approachable. Ratima poured her heart out, and Amarni comforted Ratima and invited her to the local Adult Literacy Class. Ratima enrolled and quickly became a regular attendee!

Ratima grew in knowledge and understanding. She learned to read, and over time she was able to write several words, including her own name! The Literacy Class helped her grow spiritually, too. She eventually opened up about the abuse she was enduring at home, so Amarni and all of the students prayed on Ratima’s behalf.

Meanwhile, Ratima heard how Jesus loved her enough to die on the cross for her sins. As Amarni shared this with her, Ratima was convicted, but since she is afraid of being rejected by her community, Ratima has yet to surrender her life to the Lord. Ratima secretly participates in a worshipping group, but we pray for her to walk in boldness. Will you pray for Ratima to receive Christ as her Savior, and for the protection of Ratima and her daughter-in-law at home?