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A Flicker of Hope Began to Grow

Sabeena lived simply, concerned only with getting enough food to feed her family—which was a challenge. She and her husband, Dabinder, worked long hours as farm laborers yet earned very little. Instead of going to school, their young sons helped them in the fields. After work, Sabeena and Dabinder would take their two young sons with them into the jungle to forage for food.

This lifestyle was difficult, but they usually had enough to sustain them. As a believer, Sabeena trusted God to provide their daily bread. But she never considered whether God might have a better future for them.

Meanwhile, a young lady name Mankiran who lived nearby was determined to help her neighbors improve their lives. Motivated by her Christian faith to help others, Mankiran talked about the value of education every chance she got. Even though she had only completed the ninth grade, Mankiran knew the life-changing impact of literacy. So, when Mankiran got the opportunity to launch an Adult Literacy Class in her village, she eagerly set to work inviting her neighbors.

Intrigued by Mankiran’s passionate invitation, Sabeena joined the Literacy Class. Learning did not come easy to Sabeena, but she was comforted knowing that many others were tackling the same challenges. Bit by bit, she made progress in learning her letters and numbers, and a flicker of hope for a better future began in her heart.

When Sabeena attended a special health education training offered through the class, she felt that flicker of hope grow into a strong flame. She learned so many things that were revolutionary to her! Sabeena had never thought about her family’s health beyond keeping everyone fed. But the training taught her basic practices that would vastly improve her family’s health—like how boiling water makes it safe to drink, and how handwashing prevents illness from spreading.

Sabeena also learned many valuable lessons about managing her home and resources. She learned how to store their food so that it would stay fresh longer, how to plan balanced meals, and how creating a meal plan would stretch their grocery budget.

Today, Sabeena lives in gratitude for the many blessings the Literacy Class brought her family. Sabeena can write, read many basic words, and knows enough math to manage their family finances. Though she is from the lowest social class, she now has many friends from the Literacy Class. Perhaps best of all, Sabeena and Dabinder chose to send their sons to a nearby school. They encourage their sons to study hard and have great hope that they will have a bright and happy future!