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Aadim: God’s Providence in the Pandemic

Aadim’s parents were illiterate day laborers and could not afford to send him to school. They needed him to work as soon as possible to contribute to the family’s income. So, as a child, Aadim collected scraps on the street to sell. When he was older, Aadim found work pulling rickshaws, which paid a little more.

As a teen, Aadim moved away from their village in search of a better life. However, as an illiterate with no marketable skills, rickshaw pulling was the best he could do.

Aadim soon met his wife and the couple married very young. They eventually had three sons and a daughter, and as difficult as their situation was, Aadim knew the importance of an education and wanted a better life for his children. He managed to find ways for them to attend school so they would not have to live like he did.

And then Aadim’s turn came through the prayers and support of people like you! A new Adult Literacy Class started in the village, and Aadim was one of the first to sign up! Aadim had never been to school and never thought he’d be able to write his name. He knew the Adult Literacy Class was his chance to change his life and fulfill his desires for knowledge.

Aadim tried his best to attend regularly, but his work schedule often forced him to arrive late or miss classes. He had just started to grasp the alphabet, while trying to balance work and family life, when COVID-19 forced his village into a lockdown.

This was one of the most frustrating times of Aadim’s life as he was unable to earn money to feed his family. Fortunately, they received some food from local charities which helped. But even more relief came from families in the area who served Jesus. They provided food and other essentials to help Aadim and his family get by.

While unable to work, Aadim used his time to practice what he learned in the Literacy Class. In this way, the lockdown turned out to be a blessing as Aadim focused on his studies and learned a lot.

Aadim also had time to observe what was happening in his community. He saw how people who followed Jesus were very kind and willing to help others, even in the midst of their own struggles. He appreciated the help his family received from Christ followers and learned important lessons about helping others.

Aadim is now teaching his children to be kind to all people, regardless of their religious beliefs. While the family admires and appreciates Christians, they continue to practice the faith of their culture. Please pray they will soon come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and that God will continue to provide for the family.