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A Household Changed Through a Bible Club

Magana felt terrible that she and her husband were too poor to send their children to school. Held back by their own illiteracy, the couple could hardly pay for food or clothing, let alone school fees.

But recently, Magana’s eight-year-old daughter, Ula, had an opportunity that changed the whole family’s trajectory: She attended a Children’s Bible Club thanks to the support of people like you!

At first, Ula simply tagged along with her friends, watching the Bible Club activities from a distance. But little by little, she warmed up to the fun environment. Ula became excited to learn about Jesus, especially through the Bible-based songs with motions and dances!

Ula had been coming to the Bible Club consistently, so when she suddenly was absent, the Bible Club leader, Prabal, visited Ula and her family. He learned that Magana had fallen terribly sick with a fever and wasn’t able to work. So, Prabal share the Gospel with Magana and prayed for her healing.

This opened a door for the whole family to discover Jesus! A Mission India Adult Literacy Class was starting in the village, and when Magana felt well again, she joined.

As she learned the basics of reading and writing, Magana also learned how to save money and earn extra income. This improved the family’s financial stability, allowing them to send Ula to school like they’d always wanted!

Life kept getting better as the Adult Literacy teacher watered the seeds planted by Prabal, explaining Jesus’ love to Magana. Eventually, Magana and her husband both received Christ as their Saviour.

This family has come so far through your support. Today, they host a prayer group in their home and eagerly tell their relatives about Jesus! Thank you for setting this in motion by allowing Ula to attend a Bible Club!