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Umaiza Trades Physical Pain for Eternal Joy

Umaiza is married to Ubaid and has two teenage daughters. For many years, the family followed the religious practices of their culture. Meanwhile, Umaiza managed the family’s home and tended to their cows, goats, and buffalo. Ubaid worked as a daily laborer, often going into the city to find work.

Their lives got complicated when Umaiza began falling sick often, forcing her daughters to forgo school to care for her and the household chores. In time, Umaiza’s conditioned worsened as she suffered severe abdominal pain. Ubaid even had to quit his job and return home to care for her.

Umaiza was taken to several hospitals for treatment which cost the couple a lot of money. She was finally diagnosed with a kidney infection and began taking medication; however, her condition did not improve.

Ubaid became very depressed as he feared losing his wife. He then pursued an alternative, natural treatment recommended to him, but Umaiza continued to experience unbearable pain. The couple then visited temples for healing, but nothing helped.

Umaiza cried for days about her helpless condition and felt even worse for being a burden on her family. No one understood why she wasn’t getting any better.

This is when Church Planter Aban visited their village. The family saw Aban preaching and praying and, desperate for help, invited him to their home.

When Aban came to the family’s house, he shared the Gospel with them. Then he asked what was happening with Umaiza. As his eyes met hers, he could see her extreme discomfort. They told Aban about Umaiza’s illness and he immediately began praying for her healing.

Just after Aban left, Umaiza felt some relief. The family believed it was because this man of God had prayed for her. They asked Aban to come back and pray with them regularly. They also wanted to learn more about the God he told them about.

Aban invited the family to his worshipping group and encouraged everyone to fast and pray together the next Friday. As the family and worshipping group fasted and prayed, they experienced God’s peace and presence and so they continued this practice. Umaiza and Ubaid found great comfort in hearing the Word of God.

After just two months of ongoing prayer, Umaiza was fully healed! Ubaid now lives stress-free and thanks God for giving him his wife back. Believing in the Gospel, the couple confessed their sins and received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Their daughters, too, are living a Godly life and Ubaid was able to return to the city to work. Please pray for the family’s spiritual growth and that they will continue to stand firm in their faith.