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God Transformed Tamsa’s Life and Family!

Tamsa’s parents didn’t care much about her schooling, which was no surprise since their culture and traditions placed very little value on educating girls. Her father was also an alcoholic who often spent time away from home drinking. Meanwhile, her mother suffered from a chronic illness which made her weak and often unable to work, so she was preoccupied doing her best to provide for their family. Without any positive guidance from her family, Tamsa simply did as she pleased.

She cared little about her schoolwork, instead focused on hanging out with her friends. She often skipped classes, rarely did her homework, and earned very poor grades as a result. So, when Tamsa was in 10th grade, she quit school entirely.

Thankfully, a man named Aiman led a Children’s Bible Club near Tamsa’s home. He invited Tamsa to join, and she began attending regularly, excited to make some new friends.

Although Tamsa was generally selfish and disrespectful, Aiman slowly built trust with her. She confided in him that she disliked school in part because she struggled with forgetfulness. Aiman prayed for Tamsa, and she began improving thanks to Aiman’s tutoring at the Bible Club. Soon, Aiman was able to encourage Tamsa to re-enroll in school!

Through all the positive interactions Tamsa had with Aiman and the other Bible Club members, her attitude also began to change. Gone was the sullen and self-absorbed Tamsa. She became joyful, responsible, and caring! At the Bible Club, Tamsa also learned about God’s love, and that He has the power to heal. She believed this truth deep in her heart.

Tamsa prayed faithfully for her father to be free from alcoholism, especially when he was drunk. She also prayed for her mother to be healed from the illness that made her life so difficult. God soon answered Tamsa’s prayers, healing both of her parents! Tamsa was amazed at these miracles! She received salvation, and she and her mother now attend a worshipping group together each week.

Praise God for this incredible transformation in Tamsa’s family! Pray that the rest of Tamsa’s family will turn from worshipping idols and receive Jesus as their Savior.