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Adult Literacy Class Heals Badi’s Marriage

Badi was raised by hard-working parents who spent their days farming to provide for the family. But many of India’s farmers don’t make much money, so Badi’s parents couldn’t afford to send her to school. She spent her days helping her parents in the paddy fields, and it is there that she met and fell in love with Harshu.

Harshu was a Christian, but Badi was not. Even so, they were determined to make their relationship work. Their early years of marriage were full of bliss. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy, and Badi received Jesus as her Savior!

But when life got difficult, Badi struggled. She had poor habits that were instilled in her childhood. Badi didn’t handle disappointment well, she didn’t know how to maintain a home, and she was completely disorganized. Her relationship with Harshu grew strained, and their marriage experienced a rough patch.

Around that time, a neighbor who led the local Adult Literacy Class invited Badi to join. Right away, Badi began to learn the alphabet, how to read and write, and how to do basic math. Then, in a health training offered through the Literacy Class, Badi learned the basics of using good hygiene. Cleanliness had never been a priority for Badi before, but now she knew how to take proper care of her home. Because of what she learned in the health training, Badi began to change and incorporate her newfound knowledge to make her home a thriving place for her family.

Badi’s life is now full of opportunity. She has gained an education, and she has also gained the confidence needed to run her household well. The dedicated prayer time during the Literacy Class also helped deepen Badi’s relationship with the Lord. Her relationship with Harshu is improving as their home is now a calm and peaceful place. Will you pray that Badi’s new outlook on life will continue to prompt positive change in her family?