Why India?

Because India has missed out on the Good News of the Gospel more than anywhere else on earth. And that breaks our heart.

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India is the most unreached nation. Hands down.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus calls his disciples to be “witnesses...to the ends of the earth,” and yet today half a million Indian communities still lack any witnessing body of believers. Four out of five Indians will go their entire life without knowing a single Christian. The map to the right calls out how unreached India is. For every red dot, that area is less than 2% Christian. To gain full context of how unreached India is, click the magnifying glass.

English Translation: Damaged

Hindi Symbol Damaged

India is a beautiful but broken place.

More than 800 million people live in poverty. Nearly one in four Indians cannot read or write. Life is hard – especially for children and women. More than any nation on earth, the powerless poor of India stand in need of the freedom and life that Christ offers.

India transformed by the love of Christ. That's our vision.

400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus. And yet, people’s hearts are open to the Good News like never before!

Why India? Because God loves India. And He has called us to bring hope. To bring freedom from fear. To shine His Light in dark places. Join us.

Ways to Help

Pray for India. Give a gift. Spread the word.

One-third of the unreached people groups of the world are in one country: India